THREE new community police inspectors are promising more bobbies on the beat in Inverclyde.

The trio will be heading up teams in Greenock, Port Glasgow and Gourock as part of a force-wide shake-up announced by Strathclyde's Chief Constable, Stephen House, last month.

The far-reaching changes will see extra community officers on patrol, backed by colleagues who only react to 999 calls and emergencies.

Inspector Gerry Docherty, pictured, will be based in Greenock, Inspector Ian Greer will take up duties in Port Glasgow and Inspector Stevie Boyle will handle matters in Gourock.

Area Commander Graeme MacDiarmid told the Telegraph: "Due to the increased numbers in community policing, I have had to increase the number of supervisors, and for the first time in many years Inverclyde now has three dedicated communities inspectors.

"A further change will see the three communities inspectors working shifts alongside community policing officers, addressing and managing local issues and public concerns as recently identified through our Have your Say Survey, where we interviewed more than 400 residents throughout Inverclyde asking them to identify local issues and problems." Inspector Docherty said that the new structure will see more community officers on patrol in and around Inverclyde.

He added: "We will have more community officers available for dealing with the public out in the community.

"We want officers to be out in the community getting involved, working with partner organisations and associations across Inverclyde." He said that tackling violence - as well as associated issues like anti-social behaviour and problems linked to alcohol - are a priority across the local areas.

And he vowed that efforts will be focused on dealing with root causes of crime.

Inspector Ian Greer told the Tele that residents would see the difference in their community.

He added: "The investment in officers will make a difference to people who live, work and socialise in Port Glasgow." And Inspector Stevie Boyle said: "I am looking forward to making the best use of the community officers here.

"With an increase in community officers, we can make a difference to people's lives in Gourock."