MUMS are finding it easier to feed their babies in public thanks to a host of family-friendly businesses.

Staff in cafes, pubs, leisure facilities and shops have received special training to encourage and support breastfeeding mums and the businesses who have completed the course can display the award.

Infant feeding co-ordinator Catriona MacLean has helped to run the training sessions with Inverclyde Community Health and Care Partnership.

She said: "We have been providing training to willing participants throughout Inverclyde on how to make breastfeeding mothers more welcome in their facilities.

"A lot of mums are embarrassed about breastfeeding in public, but if they see the award they should feel more comfortable.

"We offer fun interactive training but with clear information and emphasis on the benefits of breastfeeding." The Tele met up with mums at Wugs Rolls, in John Wood Street, Port Glasgow, who have enjoyed taking part in the project.

Greenock mum Caroline Gillan, 37, who has a 13-month-old daughter, Wren, has welcomed the move.

She said: "Some people sit and stare, especially when the kids are babies. It's easier to be more discreet when they get a bit older.

"I've had to look for somewhere to feed my daughter and I've been sent to some horrible places, such as toilets which were stinking.

"I know of some mums who just go home or sit in the car to feed their babies." Caroline's daughter Eve, 19, has a daughter Broghan who is 11 weeks old, and she has also welcomed the initiative.

She said: "It's a great idea. I don't get embarrassed but I know a lot of other people who might be." Emma Allan, who works for Barnardo's Scotland's Nurture Service Inverclyde, said: "It's great to raise awareness. You need to get out and about with your baby - it keeps everyone healthy." Wilma Lindley, who owns Wugs Rolls with her husband James, said she was delighted to have signed up for the breastfeeding-friendly scheme.

Wilma said: "I think it's important to raise awareness about breastfeeding, especially with teenage mums. No one should be embarrassed because it is the most natural thing."