INVERCLYDE West Lib Dem candidate Gordon Anderson wants more use to be made of Gourock Park.

He is campaigning for money to be spent on the park's amphitheatre in a bid to allow more events to take place there.

Mr Anderson said he would like to see youngsters developing their musical and other artistic skills by performing regularly there and attracting other young people to come and see them.

He said: "There are hundreds of young musicians and artists in this area with tremendous talent, but they get little chance to develop their skills and other young people don't get the chance to see them perform. I want to see the amphitheatre in Gourock Park used regularly, by holding concerts and events that would attract other people to come and to see them in action." The candidate, right, told the Tele that two key improvements were needed to allow this to happen.

He said: "First, the amphitheatre needs a roof to give some protection from the weather.

"Second, the area of the old huts needs to be converted to provide some off-street parking.

"With these changes the park could be become the focal point for developing local talent and a venue for our young people and community groups to enjoy themselves."