A GRAPHIC novel about the history of Inverclyde has been given the thumbs-up - by Greenock's own king of comics.

The Identity Project's book The Archivist's Treasure explores the experiences of migrants passing through or settling in Inverclyde.

Stories in the book were researched by local schoolchildren, before the Identity Project team took the research and moulded it into a story.

Famous Judge Dredd creator John Wagner, who comes from Greenock, today praised the comic and said he believes it will be an ideal way for local kids to learn about subjects that can often be difficult to teach traditionally.

John, right with the comic, told the Tele: "This is exactly what the comic strip medium should be used for.

"I loved the clever mix of comic strip and photograph.

"The presentation was clear and easy to follow and the content full of interest, with just enough emphasis on the gory bits.

"It's heartening to see youngsters getting involved and I'm sure the things they've learned from the exercise will stay with them much more vividly than the usual dry old schoolwork." The topic of the book instantly struck a chord with John, who admits it taught him new things about the place where he spent his teenage years.

He said: "This is a wonderful piece of work.

"I learned so many things I never knew about Greenock.

"I've done a little research into my own history and in the mid-19th century my great great grandfather Roderick McRae and his son John came to Greenock from Skye.

"Roderick and family were to emigrate, but my great grandfather John settled in the town and we became Greenock folk." Paul Bristow, of the Identity project, said he was delighted to receive such a ringing endorsement from John, whose Judge Dredd creation is currently drawing big box office crowds to a new Hollywood film.

He said: "We're really pleased that John has enjoyed the book and understood what our intent was.

"We've worked hard to bring a fresh take on the area's heritage.

"I'm a big fan of John's work myself, so this is especially pleasing."