MORTON legend Warren Hawke has outlined his plans for the club after being named the new chief executive at Cappielow.

In an exclusive interview with the Tele, the former Ton striker revealed his key priorities for the Ton and spoke about his transition from the changing room to the boardroom.

The 46-year-old dad-of-three takes over the role vacated by Gillian Donaldson in July last year.

Hawke says he is relishing the challenge and that making the club sustainable, redeveloping Cappielow and continuing to improve supporter relations are all top priorities.

He also paid tribute to the ongoing support of the owners, the Rae family, and says they are still ‘100 per cent’ behind the Ton.

Hawke told the Telegraph: “Ultimately I want long-term sustainability for the football club.

“I never want us to have those dark days again. I want everybody to know we are here and I think sustainability is the key.

“On the back of previous conversations with supporters I think our communication could be better with the fans and we’ve invested on the back of that feedback.

“We’ve invested in the website, we’ve invested in bringing media and communications officer Jonathan Mitchell on board and I feel as if we’re starting to see a bit more positivity on that side – and I don’t want that to stop either.

“People will see that in the next week or two with further announcements that will be coming out.”

Last year Hawke revealed in the Tele ambitious plans to revamp Cappielow and says they are still at the forefront of his mind.

He said: “It’s high on the agenda. It has to be.

“But it’s the good old saying you don’t build a house from the roof down and I think we’ve laid a lot of good foundation blocks over the past few years for long-term sustainability and future progression.

“We just need to make sure that we’re laying the right bricks at the right times and I do see future progression as a club but built on a solid foundation and that must be a priority.”

Hawke signed for Ton in 1995 and went on to net 53 goals in 247 appearances over two spells.

He finished his career at Cappielow 12 years ago but made his return in 2011 initially as a consultant for club development before taking a seat on the board.

During his time he has overhauled the youth academy and was latterly chief executive of the Greenock Morton Community Trust, which he helped establish in 2012.

He said: “I was very lucky to get paid to play football from the age of 16/17 and then all the way through to now 30 years later on.

“On the business side I’ve got a passion for it, I really enjoy it, and to actually have been given the honour of hopefully taking the club in a direction we’ve already started on and being given this position by the board makes me very proud.

“I’m sure working with them, all the staff and supporters we can continue to move the club in a positive direction.”

Hawke also praised his fellow board members and long-serving chairman Douglas Rae.

He said: “He brought me to this club back in 1995 and it gets under your skin.

“Ultimately I want to repay him and show him that we can push the club back to the heights, but it needs to be in a sustainable plan.”