GREENOCK bakers Aulds’ famous morning rolls are set to be the ‘secret’ ingredient in a new beer.

Up-and-coming microbrewery Jaw Brew has been searching for the perfect blend for its new low strength produce.

Now they have found what they were looking for — the Aulds roll.

It will be used to firm up the fermentation process so that they can keep the alcohol level low and not lose the taste.

Aulds managing director Alan Marr said: “This is a unique partnership which has resulted in an innovative and great tasting product. 

“It is rewarding to see the finished product now going on sale.”

The link up fermented following a chance meeting at a Zero Waste event which looked at ways to drastically reduce leftovers.

Rolls at Aulds are freshly baked every day, which can leave a lot of waste.

Now at the end of the day they will pass their leftover rolls to Jaw Brew.

Brewery owner Alison Hazell, who set up the business with her husband Mark, is delighted to be involved.

She said: “It is great to find a solution to the low strength beer and to find something that is sustainable and cuts down on waste.”

The company has another link with Inverclyde, as one of its offerings — Hardtack — is on sale at the Willow Bar.