THE Labour party has vowed to fight cuts to Inverclyde Royal and today accused their SNP opponents of failing to support the campaign to save the birthing unit.

At the launch of their manifesto for the upcoming council elections. the Inverclyde candidates put saving local health services as their top priority.

On the back of recent proposals to close the birthing unit at the hospital, Labour say protecting services will be top of their list.

Health campaigner MSP Jackie Baillie launched the manifesto locally and backed the local Labour Party’s pledges.

She said: “People need to remember that councillors sit on the health board and it’s Labour councillors who have been opposing cuts to the local hospital. 

“If the SNP win on May 4, they will be your representatives on local health committees, and haven’t lifted a finger to oppose cuts to the birthing unit at Inverclyde Royal.

“This election is a straight choice. 

“Labour will fight to protect the local services we all rely on; while the SNP will accept any cuts imposed on them by Nicola Sturgeon without so much as a murmur.”

At the launch of the manifesto attended by local candidates and party supporters, above, Labour said that they had listened to local people when drawing up their pledges. 

The manifesto pledges to continue to fight for better schools, more training and apprenticeships and to improve roads if the party’s candidates are elected.

It also vows to make Inverclyde a dementia and autism-friendly community.

Candidates have urged voters to consider Labour’s record on building new schools and the regeneration of Inverclyde in recent years.

Irene O’Brien, chair of the Local Campaign Forum added:

“Our Labour council has a real record of delivery on everything from schools to regeneration and all things in-between.

“Labour’s been listening to people in Inverclyde and this is reflected in our manifesto. 

“Voters told us loud and clear that they want us to oppose cuts to our local NHS and fight to keep services at Inverclyde Royal.”

Labour candidate Alan Holliday, hoping to replace retiring Councillor Terry Loughran, believes that the SNP are taking votes for granted. 

He added: “We are taking the fight to the SNP and will be out there campaigning for every last vote.”