A TRAINEE priest from Port Glasgow was given a starring role alongside Pope Francis during his Easter Vigil.
Former St Stephen's High pupil Ryan Black, 25, was the pontiff's microphone bearer at Sunday's service in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.
Pictures of the Port seminarian alongside the pope have been beamed across the world.
His friend Jonathan Whitworth, who is from Greenock, also played a part in the mass as one of two assisting deacons.
He will be ordained in June at his home parish, St Andrew's Church in Larkfield.
Ryan is nearing the end of his fourth year studying at the Pontifical Scots College in Rome and 
The pair met Pope Francis at a special reception a year ago but say this time round it was far more nerve-racking.
Ryan said: "Of course I was afraid at first that the microphone would slip.
"Can you imagine if I had hit the Holy Father?
"However, when the mass began, that all fell out of my mind and I tried my best to participate prayerfully in the most solemn mass of the year, in the basilica at the heart of the church."
The former DJ, who now broadcasts on Radio Vatican, says the Pope Francis reassured him prior to the service.
Ryan said: "We all met him before mass.
"He reassured anyone who looked very nervous.
"He was smiling and his presence calmed us all down.
"It was phenomenal to be chosen to be the Pope's microphone-bearer.
"When I wasn't standing or kneeling next to the Pope, I was standing right next to the papal altar.
"The entire Pontifical Scots College community was involved in the mass.
"Just by chance, the two seminarians and the deacon from the Diocese of Paisley were three of the six members of the 'altar party'.
"Jonathan was an assisting deacon and he sat and stood next to the Holy Father all night."