TV psychic Sally Morgan says audiences can expect a ‘mind-blowing’ show when she brings her tour to the Beacon next week.
The celebrity medium is on the road for a ninth consecutive year – and can’t wait to come to Greenock.
Sally, 66, told the Tele: she loves Scotland and can't wait to meet her Inverclyde audience.
She said: "I very much want to thank the people of Greenock for having me. I want everyone to enjoy the show.”
The star, who has appeared on several television shows including Star Psychic, where she read for many high-profile names, says she is the ‘real deal’ and people can expect a fully interactive show.
She said: “It would be nice if people did their homework and know what the show is about. I say that because there are people who get messages and stand up and are pretty shocked.
“The whole show is about passing on messages, so if people think I’m talking about one of their lost loved ones they need to be prepared to put their hand up, stand up and talk to me. 
“It’s a journey. We laugh and we cry.”
The 2017 tour 'Call Me Psychic' builds on Sally’s years of experience as one of Britain’s best-loved mediums.
She added: “I'm 66 now and I've been doing this all my working life. Even when I was nursing I was doing this on the side.
“After touring for nine years and having the opportunity to have large groups of people sat in front of me - anything from 350 to 3,000 people - I've realised that it's about harnessing the energy around an individual.
“That energy is then converted into a thought pattern. I get these thoughts and I'm shown things in my mind's eye, which I just basically pass on.
“I don't know anyone in the audience and I certainly don't know their loved ones, so it's quite astonishing really. There is always something every single night that is mind-blowing.”
Sally said she had her first psychic experience at the age of four when she saw her first ghost and has grown up with the ability to receive messages from spirit world, with her reputation being built with her close relationships with many high-profile celebrities.
It is well documented that she read for Princess Diana for several years, and has been linked with many stars, including the late Stephen Gately, who she read for during her stint on ITV2’s Star Psychic.
She said: “You name them and I’ve read for them.
“Stephen became a very good friend of mine. He was incredibly kind, very generous to his friends, to a fault. He was one of the nicest human beings."
Sally believes we are all born with a psychic ability, adding: “We’re all given a sixth sense – it’s just that some of us don’t have it 'woken up'. I don’t know what triggered it for me as a child but there’s no doubt I was meant to do this.
“Believe me, if I wasn’t I would not be with all the grief that goes with it.”
The world-renowned psychic said the difficulties and criticism she’s faced due to her gift have only been exacerbated by social media.
She added: “Social media really slams it in your face immediately and also it’s far bigger – it allows people to do really silly things that people couldn’t do years ago. You wouldn’t be deluged with letters in the past as people couldn’t be bothered. Nowadays it’s all on the internet, so it seems far worse.
“But they’re never going to go away. I just think that whatever anyone thinks of me, that isn’t my business. That’s their business.”
Tickets for Sally Morgan: Call Me Psychic at the Beacon on Wednesday April 26 are available from the Beacon box office or online at