A MARTIAL arts guru from Greenock who has worked in movies for almost 10 years is setting up his own business.
Craig Miller, 34, who acts as a stunt double to the stars and fight choreographer is going out on his own under the auspices of Purple Dragon Productions.
The is the next exciting step in his career which has been seen him hone his craft in Hong Kong for several years.
He explained: "I've been freelancing and hired out by various different companies, now I want to work for myself and give jobs to people who have helped me."
Craig has been involved in three major films that will be released this year, including the Wonder Woman, Transformer 5 and The Titans.
He says the most interesting shoot was filming Transformers 5 with Warner Brothers in Blenheim Palace.
Craig said: "It was a bizarre experience shooting where Churchill was born.
"The story was Nazi soldiers have taken over Blenheim, it was weird and wonderful with lots of explosions and quite dangerous."
Craig also spent a month in Gran Canaria filming sci-fi tale The Titan with Sam Worthington of Avatar and Call of Duty fame.
He said: "We were shooting on the mountains and it was a first time it had snowed there for 15 years."
Craig met James Cosmo and Steven Berkoff on the film They Still Kill the Old Way, which also starred 'The Saint' Ian Ogilvy.
He said: "James was a delight, it was quite good fun. We were the only Scottish guys on the set and we went out for lunch and he enjoyed a glass of red wine and a cigar. I loved hearing his stories. He's a bit of a legend in Scotland."
Craig is currently shuttling between London, Edinburgh and Wales at the moment.
He's working on a project called Apostle with Welsh film director and action choreographer Gareth Evans and continuing his work with Edinburgh Motion Capture for Rock Star Games who produced Grand Auto Theft 5.
The driven keep-fit fanatic has worked hard to fulfil his dream and continues to strive to be the best.
He said: "Assuming I am not working, in downtime I get up at 5am and train twice a day every day. There is so much I have to learn.
"I'm always looking to travel and meet new people through the work."