AN EVIL paedophile who fantasised about kidnapping, raping and murdering newborn babies will be sent to the High Court for sentencing — after a sheriff declared that it was the worst sexual offences case he has ever heard.

Depraved deviant Alan Gray — who also accessed nearly 20,000 horrific images of young children and infants being abused — has been labelled by a psychologist as virtually beyond rehabilitation because his ‘deeply disturbing’ perversions are so entrenched.

The 19-year-old’s lawyer described his client’s behaviour as ‘abhorrent, appalling and repugnant’ as the solicitor accepted that a sentence of imprisonment was inevitable for his ‘horrible’ crimes.

Gray, of Larkfield, organised videos of sadistic sexual assaults on both male and female babies into specific folders on his laptop computer so that he could pore over them at will for ‘sexual gratification’. 

He also exchanged hideous text messages with another vile deviant where they discussed the most extreme sexual violence against ‘days old’ babies, and he stated in one chilling post: “I’d rape 10-a-day ha ha.”

Gray’s solicitor told Greenock Sheriff Court: “What he has engaged in is abhorrent and appalling behaviour. It is repugnant and reflects what clearly is a deep rooted problem that he has.

“In any civilised society his behaviour is brutal, repugnant and horrible.”

Gray — who began accessing online pornography when he was 13 — revelled in an online exchange with a fellow pervert, identified only as ‘Ashley Ashton’, on the Kik messenger app, texting: “I’d kill 25 newborns a night. No mercy.” 

He added: “They should always be crying and never have a happy moment in their lives. They’re just there for us to abuse.”

In another Kik conversation, he tormented a user who stated that she was aged 13, asking her intimate questions and threatening her into describing herself in derogatory terms.

The full details of Gray’s grotesque offences — which had to be narrated in court — are too disturbing to publish.

His lawyer said: “Beyond the images, he has communicated with another who holds similar deviant thoughts.

“It will be a concern to the court that he has also engaged with an individual thought to be aged 13 and engaged in sexual communications with her.

“Concern runs through all of the charges and the risk that professionals deem him to be — which is a high risk of analogous reoffending if gone unchecked.

“I have said to Mr Gray that given the gravity of the offending and the content of the reports there will be no alternative to a custodial sentence here.

“In custody it is open for him to engage in rehabilitation.

“Mr Gray states at this stage that he is motivated to address his offending and wants professional intervention and treatment for what is a sexual deviancy.”

Gray had a total of 19,884 images, made up of 16,120 still pictures and 3,764 videos.

He had 1,864 pictures and 2,254 moving images of Category A abuse, which is classed in law as the worst level of sexual exploitation of children and babies.

The age range of the children — male and female — who were abused was ‘less than a year to 12 years’, the court was told.

Gray was arrested in a 7am swoop as part of an intelligence-led police cybercrime operation on June 2 last year.

His solicitor said: “He initially started to view online pornography at the age of 13.

“He says that he stumbled across child pornography but seems to have become fascinated by it and he got sexual gratification from it.” 

Sheriff Derek Hamilton told Gray: “The narration of the images in this case is the worst I have ever heard.

“The matter involves you also discussing the sexual abuse, rape and killing of babies.

“My concern at the moment is that the risk of you reoffending is high.”

The sheriff pointed out that one psychologist stated in his report on Gray that he was ‘not confident’ that he can be rehabilitated.

Sheriff Hamilton — who remanded Gray in custody when the pervert pleaded guilty at a previous calling of the case last month — told him: “I am not satisfied that my sentencing powers are entirely appropriate.

“To my mind there is a significant risk factor, and for that reason I am going to remit you to the High Court for sentencing.”

A date for Gray’s next court appearance is yet to be confirmed.