CHILDREN in Inverclyde are turning to creature comforts as they rush to the library and become bookworms.

To help celebrate this year’s annual summer reading challenge, Inverclyde Council brought in Zoolab to tour all their libraries.

At Gourock Library primary-aged children had the chance to see a whole host of creatures big, small, hairy and with lots of legs.

Zoolab also visited Kilmacolm, South West, Central and Port Glasgow libraries to help bring learning to life.

It’s all part of the Tesco Reading Challenge, which is aimed at encouraging youngsters to pick up a book, and sees youngsters set challenges to solve mysteries around the library.

Children can sign up at their local library to read six books or more of their choice and they pick up collector cards and other incentives along the way.

Kids who complete the challenge are presented with a certificate and a medal.

The Summer Reading Challenge offers free access to books along with the fun, creative activities in the library during the holidays.

It is mainly aimed at primary school children but other ages can take part as well.