PEOPLE in Inverclyde are paying nearly £5 million more than they should on energy.

In light of the shock figure, released in a new report, MP Ronnie Cowan has today called on the UK Government to take action to force the big companies to reduce their bills.

A new report shows that individual local households are shelling out £234 more than they should for their electricity and gas.

Mr Cowan said: “It’s deeply disappointing to learn that people in Inverclyde are overpaying millions of pounds on their energy bills.

“Much more needs to be done to protect those in Inverclyde who are struggling to pay energy bills that are £234 more than they would be in a competitive market.”

Energy supplier Octopus Energy, who invest in solar power, have launched a website to enable people to punch in their postcode and find out by how much they are overpaying.

Chief executive Greg Jackson said: “We fully support the action taken by MPs in highlighting high energy prices.”