WILDLIFE lovers can now sit pretty and take in the view at a local beauty spot thanks to a donation from housing bosses.

Members of Cowdenknowes Residents’ Association received £1,000 from social landlord River Clyde Homes (RCH) to buy two new benches for their area.

One has been placed at Murdieston Dam and the other at the Town Dam.

The benches have smartened up the area and are already being well used, to the delight of residents.

Association secretary Ivy Siegfried said: “I think it is brilliant and you can see the money has been well spent.

“Older people and young people with buggies can use the seats and enjoy the wildlife.”

The neighbourhood group had applied to RCH for an environmental grant under a scheme which is open to residents’ and tenants’ associations.

Their bid was successful and housing chiefs are now urging other organisations to follow in the footsteps of the Cowdenknowes activists.

Anne Ross, a governance officer with RCH, said: “My team have five environmental grants of up to £2,000 available to give to groups every year.

“Ivy and her group used the grant to install benches for community use and benefit.”

The group would also like to thank the council for providing the bench and installing it.