A SERIOUSLY ill pensioner has been forced to leave his home amid a dispute after forking out hundreds of pounds in repairs.
Alastair Minton, 79, who owns a flat within a four-in-a-block, shelled out the sizeable sum of almost £800 to get rendering and roof work done.
But he says his neighbour has refused to pay any cost towards it and now to compound things the upper section of the gable end needs repaired, with building factor River Clyde Homes demanding that he pays for half of the bill.
Mr Minton, who has a chronic heart problem and mobility issues, had lived in the family home since 1963.
He now stays in a flat in Gourock owned by his son and wants to sell his property.
He said: "It's getting me down.
"My health is so bad that every day is a bonus and I don't want to be worrying about this.
"I can't sleep at night and I've had to take sleeping tablets. I just want it sorted and to get the house sold.
"I think it's unfair that I've got to pay more and someone else hasn't paid for anything."
Mr Minton decided to get the roof repair work done more than a year ago because of dampness affecting his house and says that his neighbour was also getting water in.
He said: "I got three estimates and a contractor to do the work, £400 for the bottom half of the gable end and the rest to repair the roof."
Mr Minton's son, also Alastair, says he is worried about the impact of the situation on his father's health.
He said: "He's had five heart operations and needs a hip operation but they can't operate because of his heart problems.
"He has poor eyesight and has hearing aids in both ears.
"He did what he thought was right by getting the work done.
"I'm not happy about it at all."
He says that he has spoken to 'four or five' different people at River Clyde Homes to get the situation resolved but with no success.
He said: "It's been a total drama for the last year.
"The last person I spoke to was due to meet my dad in Gourock but cancelled at the last minute. I called back and was told he was on holiday and call back in two weeks. I called back and was told he was no longer there."
Alastair, 54, added: "My dad's been paying factoring fees all these years.
"He is frightened to go back to the property but he's still paying council tax and bills and he's only got his pension.
"He cannot afford this and he is not even living there."
David Falla, head of asset planning and development, for River Clyde Homes, said: “We are aware of the situation at this property.
"Any works carried out previously were done so privately by the owners without the involvement of RCH.
“We cannot comment on payments made to private contractors or on allegations made against neighbours with regard to works carried out by private contractors.
“Now that the problems with the gable wall have now been brought to our attention, we will carry out the repairs as the property factor and both parties will be billed for their share in accordance with their title deeds.”