A DRUG peddler caught with thousands of pounds worth of amphetamine during a police raid on his flat has been told to expect a prison sentence.
Neil Barron had 388 grams of the illegal white powder in 'various locations' within his east end flat, as well as digital scales, numerous zip lock bags and a bundle of cash.
Officers swooped on his Kilcreggan View address after 9am as part of an intelligence-led operation after obtaining a warrant to search the property.
Prosecutor Lindy Scaife told the town's sheriff court: "No persons were within at the time, however, the accused arrived at 9.39am and was detained within the common close.
"He freely stated to officers, 'I might as well tell you, I've got speed in the house'.
"The accused was then taken inside the flat and he said, 'Everything is in the kitchen'."
The court heard that a 'large' quantity of caffeine powder — which is added to the amphetamine to bulk it out — was also recovered during the raid, along with £386 in cash.
Fiscal depute Ms Scaife said: "A total of 388 grams of amphetamine was recovered from various locations, as well as numerous zip lock bags and two sets of digital scales, both of which had traces of white powder which tested positive for amphetamine.
"The accused was interviewed and made no comment. He made no reply when cautioned and charged.
"The value of the amphetamine was put at between £750 and £900, however, if subdivided into individual grams it had a potential value of £2,157."
Barron pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of amphetamine. His denial of a charge of also being in possession of cannabis was accepted by the Crown.
Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher said: "The position made known to myself is that the drug was purchased for £470.
"He was the one who purchased it and it was to be divided between him and three others."
Mr Gallagher told the court that Barron, who was arrested last September, suffered severe burns to his legs some years ago and is currently on crutches as a result of wounds 'opening up'.
He added: "He is to undergo an assessment on August 22 with a view to further surgery."
Sheriff Derek Hamilton said: "I will allow him his appointment on the 22nd but he may find himself having to make further appointments via prison."
Sentence was deferred, with Barron's bail continued, until September 20 for a back ground report.