THE Tontine Hotel has won its fight to overturn a condition which had forced the owners to shut the doors of their new cocktail bar early.

Councillors on the local review body have unanimously backed the business in its call for the condition to be scrapped.

The measure — which saw the Robertson Street entrance shut at 11pm — had been put in place as a result of complaints from nearby residents over customers congregating outside the premises late at night.

But hotel bosses had argued that it would lead to a rethink of their expansion plans and warned that this would ultimately put jobs in jeopardy.

Local review body convenor Councillor David Wilson is pleased that the restriction has been lifted.

He said: “I think this was the best decision for the hotel and for the town.

“All the councillors were unanimous in their support of the appeal.

“I think we all recognise that the Tontine Hotel is an asset to the town.

“We also had to consider that there is a takeaway and a snooker hall nearby without these conditions.”

The Tontine cited a number of grounds in their submission to review body and also questioned complaints raised by residents and included letters of support from residents in the neighbourhood saying that the hotel added value to the area.

Hotel bosses say that when all their expansion plans are implemented they will have increased their workforce by 30.