BIG-HEARTED belles are ringing the changes for worthy causes in their community.

The Tuesday Belles ladies section who meet in the Port’s Hibs Hall every week have raised more than £2,000 from a charity bash.

They handed half the cash to disabled athlete Kyle Brotherton to help him attend sporting events in England and abroad while the other half went to the Branching Out horticultural project at Parklea.

Helen Coyle who runs the group, said: “We are delighted with what we raised, but we couldn’t do it without the help of members and the local community.”

Helen was recently asked to open the new M&S store in Port Glasgow in recognition of her charity exploits.

She said: “I felt I was chosen on behalf of the Tuesday Belles and it was nice for the charity work of the ladies section to be recognised.

“I’ve been fundraising for 30 years with the group and we have raised £45,000 during that time.”

Helen explained that the ladies wanted to help Kyle because he is a local lad who has achieved so much.

She told the Tele: “Kyle is an inspiration.

“I thought because he was in a team he would get financial support but he gets nothing.

“He has to depend on his mum but we want to make sure that he’ll be alright financially from now on.”

Grateful Kyle, 17, said: “It’s amazing what they’ve done for me.

“This will go towards races in England and internationally, and it is such a big help.”

Sharon Gemmell, of Branching Out is also delighted with the cash boost brought by the Belles.

The donation has also helped to replace some of the £5,000 worth of equipment taken from the gardening organisation during a break-in back in June.

She said: “The group has been fantastic for us over the last couple of years.

“We appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into their fundraising.

“Our service users come along to the charity nights and feel a part of it.”

Meanwhile the ladies also raised a further £500 from a sponsored walk around Millport, which was given to Port Glasgow Otters.

The group’s Kellyanne Deveaney went along to receive the cheque on behalf of the swimming club.

Helen wants to thank everyone who has supported the group’s fundraising efforts over the years, in particular the Larkfield Unit, Patrick Dunn and work colleagues at Ferguson Marine, Margaret Higgins, Jumbo Cards in Port Glasgow, Knitting Pin in Dubbs Road, the Hibs Hall, Celtic Supporters’ Club in Greenock and Brian McDade.