STARS from TV’s Strictly Come Dancing have been invited to a Greenock Light Opera Club show after a chance meeting.

The club’s business manager, Iain McFadyen of Greenock, encountered contestants Rev Richard Coles and his dancing partner Dianne Buswell when they were rehearsing for last Saturday’s extravaganza.

Iain, 29, centre, told them about the club and their Rock of Ages musical being staged next month at the Beacon, and Dianne replied that she had appeared in the London West End version of the show.

The get-together happened after Iain got a call to help fix sound system equipment at a community centre because the Strictly stars were going to rehearse there.

Iain explained: “I got the call from my future father-in-law, Allan Ayre, who works at Alexandria Community Centre.

“He said he had been told two Strictly stars were going to use the centre for rehearsals, but the sound system wasn’t working properly and could I help? I thought it was a joke, but I went along anyway.”

Iain, who repairs X-ray equipment for a private medical company, admitted he doesn’t watch Strictly and didn’t know the stars.

He said: “I managed to hook up the sound system, and within minutes the pair were off dancing.

“I then looked them up on the internet, discovered who they where and thought it was an opportunity not to be missed to invite them to our show.

“They didn’t commit themselves to coming, but said we should enjoy the show and that the music is fantastic.

“They were great to talk to and very friendly.”

The stars were in Alexandria because Richard was making an arts programme at Loch Lomond and unable to rehearse in London. So the BBC arranged for Dianne to travel north and for West Dunbartonshire Leisure to provide facilities for rehearsal and filming.

Iain is engaged to 26-year-old primary school teacher Rosalind Ayre of Balloch, and they are due to be married in June.

The Strictly rehearsal was a particular thrill for her father, who is a former ballroom dancing champion and now treasures a video of him doing the quickstep with Dianne.

Unfortunately, Richard and Dianne were voted off the show last weekend.

Meanwhile, Greenock Light Opera Club members are doing their own rehearsals for Rock of Ages at the Beacon from November 9 to 11.

Iain said: “We’re hoping Richard and Dianne will be able to accept our invitation.”

Tickets are available by calling the Beacon on 723723 or visiting