PUPILS at a Gourock school travelled to the ends of the earth without leaving their classrooms as part of futuristic lessons.

One of the biggest companies on earth, Google, brought the world of virtual reality to life for children at Clydeview Academy.

Wearing special VR goggles, the very latest mobile technology, geography pupils enjoyed educational trips to Australia, Iceland and the Amazon rainforest to learn more about climate change.

Music lessons were also taught in the virtual world with pupils visiting America to find out more about the history of jazz music while science students were taken on a journey into space.

Lindsey Harrison, a history teacher at the school, said the cutting edge technology proved to be a huge hit. She said: “It’s been really good.

“I got the idea from a friend of mine who works in a school in Edinburgh. She said it has brilliant so I thought we could organise it here.

“The pupils have really enjoyed it. It’s all about getting the kids engaged and it definitely does that.”

First year pupils Kerin Torlay, Libby Hunter and Aimee Watson, all aged 12, said they learned so much through the new technology.

Aimee said: “My favourite expedition was to Angel Falls in Venezuela. I also enjoyed when it took you under the sea. It felt really strange because you could still breathe.

“Using this is like entering another world.”

Google Expeditions is a virtual reality field trip aimed at bringing technology and the curriculum together. During the visit, Google staff worked with teachers and pupils to get the best of out of the VR gear.