A ‘GROOVY smoothie’ team are shaking it up at a Gourock school.

Mini-me Dragon’s Den entrepreneurs at St Ninian’s are running a successful health drinks operation and learning about business along the way.

Primary sevens are dishing out super smoothie delights, including strawberry, banana and exotic fruits, to fellow pupils every Friday at 50p per cup.

Pupil Cara Lindsay said: “It’s really helped with our learning. My maths has improved, we’re learning about finance and how to make a profit.”

Olivia Francis said: “Every Friday we get a float and we look at how much the fruit cost and how much we’ve made.”

The idea came from a Dragon’s Den-style challenge set up by the council’s Robert Lamb at the Enterprise Centre.

He threw out a task to primary six classes in schools across Inverclyde.

St Ninian’s pitched their business plan and were awarded £300 to buy blenders, eco-friendly cups and straws.

They even had a master class from the finance officer from Costa Coffee in how to do spreadsheets.

Classroom assistant Donald Campbell said: “I am very impressed with how they’ve come together and how they share the project with their peers and how it has created friendships. It’s also helped their negotiating skills and how they work as a team.”

A donation from the profits will be made to Inverclyde Dementia Resources and money will also be kept to pass on to next year’s primary six to help them fund their own enterprise project.