GOUROCK Burns Club celebrated its 118th anniversary dinner with another successful evening at the Gamble Halls.

More than a hundred members and friends celebrated Rabbie Burns in poetry and song.

Proceedings were led by president, Alasdair Hendry, with chef Tony Buckley carrying in the haggis – piped in by John MacLeod – before Norman Campbell addressed it with his usual gusto.

Guests were treated to an outstanding Immortal Memory from the Rev Fraser Aitken of Ayr, while Port Glasgow butcher Drew McKenzie’s Toast to the Lasses was very well received.

The communal singing, led by Ian McCrorie and accompanied by David Mackie, was a huge success.

Past president Campbell Snoddy thanked the president and guests for their contributions, with the president replying in kind.

The evening was brought to a close with the company joining together to sing Auld Lang Syne.