OLDER residents in Gourock dug deep to transform a piece of land into a blossoming community garden.

Pensioners David Young and Pat Clark, pictured, who live in Eastern View, took it upon themselves to spruce up a plot in front of the high-rise block next to the entrance.

They replaced weeds and moss with beautiful pots and plants for fellow residents and visitors to enjoy.

Fellow resident Henry Juszczak also chipped in with a spot of painting to help brighten up the outdoor space.

Hamish McLeod, secretary of the Eastern View Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, said: “The area was never really looked after and people got fed up looking at it so the two guys, and Brian the caretaker, pulled out the weeds. Pat has won prizes before for his gardening.

“Henry also helped out and painted the the planters.

“They decided to go ahead and do it themselves and it’s absolutely stunning.

“It’s helped lift people’s spirits, especially after the recent decant.”

Residents also had a whip-round to help buy plants and materials.

Hamish says it was a real team effort for the benefit of tenants and the wider community.

He said: “Everybody is really pleased with the garden — it’s been favourable comments all round.

“Pat is down nearly every day and he and David have done a very good job.

“The idea came up some time ago and the two of them thought ‘let’s get it done’.”