£470k home heating help boost

Published: 3 Nov 2011 11:207 comments

MORE Inverclyde homes are set to benefit from a leading local energy savings scheme.

The Scottish Government is to plough £470,000 from its Universal Home Insulation Scheme into Inverclyde - and householders are being urged to take advantage.

The cash means Inverclyde Council and its partners will be able to offer thermal insulation improvements to approximately 1,000 privates home.

Another 2,500 householders will also have the opportunity of benefiting from a free home energy report, billing advice, energy advocacy and energy efficiency advice.

Councillor Robert Moran, chair of LESS Inverclyde, said: "This provides an excellent opportunity for people to improve the energy efficiency of their home and to save money on their heating bills now and over the lifetime of the insulation.

"Our aim is to make Inverclyde's houses the most energy efficient in Scotland so I would encourage people to get in touch and apply."

Since it was launched in November 2008 LESS Inverclyde has already helped hundreds of householders who have had enough of high fuel bills.

Councillor David Wilson, who chairs the council's green charter group, said: "We are proud to say that we believe the LESS Inverclyde model to be the best service of its kind in the country.

"The funding secured from the Scottish Government combined with money from Scottish Hydro Electric means we can offer this fantastic free insulation deal to householders and for the first time offer financial help to those householders who can't have cavity wall insulation."

LESS Inverclyde can be contacted on 08000 19 82 20.

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  • askelvis
    470 posts
    Nov 3, 11:37
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    A bottle of dark lambs navy rum is all you need to keep warm. Much cheaper than the energy company's

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  • Expatriot
    121 posts
    Nov 3, 12:49
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    Ah Elvis, when the minimum price of alcohol is forced upon us you will be turning up the thermostat and paying through the nose like the rest of us!

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  • askelvis
    470 posts
    Nov 3, 13:10
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    That only applies to cheap booze. Dark rum does not fall into that category

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  • johnsteele
    31 posts
    Nov 3, 21:22
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    sounds good!

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  • wallace1297
    117 posts
    Nov 3, 22:53
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    Good on Labour councillor Robert Moran praising the SNP government for its additional funding to assist people in Inverclyde make their homes warmer.

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  • Tiddles
    1077 posts
    Nov 4, 12:27
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    Is it me or are there more and more of these strange little quangos emerging? 'LESS Inverclyde', 'Green Charter Group'!!!! Do these goons get paid to chair them????

    And Wilson, don't crow about the, 'help' coming from Scottish Hydro, if it wasn't for them and their greedy pals, pensioners and sick people could afford to heat their homes and wouldn't need draught excluders and gloves. And Wallace, you're right, never any credit where credit is due. They still haven't grasped the fact that Labour's rabid anti-SNP invective lost them the election by turning people off.

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  • whitesettlers
    41 posts
    Nov 10, 12:22
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    re askelvis try telling that to tescos they will put up every thing to make more profit

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