A DRUGS supplier who was caught with £30,000 worth of cocaine and amphetamine after police swooped on his Greenock home has been sentenced to 28 months imprisonment.

Gordon Reid claimed he’d agreed to keep two carrier bags of the illegal white powders overnight in his home as a means of wiping out a ‘considerable’ debt he’d racked up from his own habit.

But the 28-year-old became the subject of a major intelligence-led raid at the Luss Avenue address.

As well as the drugs find, officers discovered more than £1,700 in cash within the property and a set of digital scales.

Jailing Reid, Sheriff Derek Hamilton told him: “Clearly the supply of drugs is extremely serious, and when it gets to the level of £30,000 — worth then that is a high level operation.

“Anyone involved at whatever level can only expect severe sentences.”

Amphetamine weighting 2,7000 grams, with a street value of £28,520, and 37 grams of cocaine worth £1,480 were seized by police during the drugs bust on May 12 last year.

Defence lawyer Ellen Macdonald told Greenock Sheriff Court: “His position is that he was keeping the drugs for A N Other.”

Ms Macdonald said there was a ‘tragic background’ to case which involved Reid having developed a cocaine habit shortly after his sister took her own life two years ago.

The solicitor stated: “He was offered cocaine and it took the edge off his feelings and quickly developed a habit that he kept secret from his family and partner.”

She added: “He owed a considerable debt and he was told that if he kept two bags overnight the debt would be wiped out.

“Stupidly and naively he agreed to this and then had the police at his door.

“The drugs were in blue carrier bags.

“The first he became aware of the value was when the police told him in custody.

“He is disappointed in himself and his own stupidity.”

Ms Macdonald added: “The background report indicates his genuine remorse and also alternatives to custody.

“He is at a low risk of re-offending, has no outstanding matters and to all intents and purposes is a first offender, apart from some minor road traffic matters.”

Sheriff Hamilton told Reid that he would have been jailed for 42 months were it not for his plea of guilty at the earliest opportunity.