FRAUD accused landlord Rajinder Samrai had his much delayed trial further postponed on health grounds — then jetted off on a foreign holiday.

His legal team presented a doctor’s letter to Greenock Sheriff Court just days before the case was due to begin, declaring that he was medically unfit.

But then the businessman didn’t show up for a further hearing in order to fix a fresh trial date, because he was still abroad with his family.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton questioned the situation, stating: “This case has been continued time and time again.

“When did he go on holiday? If he was fit to go on holiday he may well have been fit to do the trial.”

Samrai’s lawyer, David Nicholson, told the court: “The holiday was booked by his family to assist with his medical condition.”

Mr Nicholson added: “I understand that there has been a deterioration in his mental health.”

Samrai — who has had his assets and bank accounts frozen — initially failed last month to have the case delayed by up to 12 weeks after stating that he had no money to pay for a QC to defend him.

The Kilmacolm-based businessman days later submitted a soul and conscience letter — through Gordon Jackson QC — which led to the postponement of the trial, which had been due to get underway on June 19.

He thereafter went on holiday with his family, the court was told.

Samrai is facing multiple charges of cheque and housing benefit fraud totalling around £25,000.

Prosecutors say that he accumulated cash for properties that are said to have been lying empty.

Around 20,000 pages of documentation has been disclosed by the Crown to the defence.

But lawyer Mr Nicholson said that there were still issues to be resolved regarding the evidential productions in the case, which was originally due to proceed to trial in August 2015.

Sheriff Hamilton said: “A further month has now passed and nothing has happened.

“I was assured on the last occasion that the productions would be dealt with within a month.”

The sheriff assigned a further hearing for Thursday in order to set a further date for the trial to begin.

He ordered that Samrai be present.