A COCAINE dealer has been locked up following a police raid on his drugs den Greenock home which netted nearly £40,000 in cash and narcotics.

Francis Quinn, 43, had multiple quantities of the Class A white powder — as well as amphetamine — and money stashed in various locations within the Killearn Road property.

Police burst through his front door with a search warrant as part of an intelligence-led swoop and found nearly 2,000 grams of amphetamine and more than 148 grams of cocaine.

The amphetamine, also known as ‘speed’, had a street value of £18,900 and the cocaine’s worth was put by drugs expert officers at £6,200.

Bundles of cash totalling £14,124 were also recovered during the raid — giving an overall haul of drugs and money totalling £39,224.

Prosecutor Joanne Gilmour told Greenock Sheriff Court: “Police forced open the door, no-one was within, and a systematic search was carried out.

“Amphetamine weighing 805.66 grams and with a value of £8,050 was in a tub and bags containing white paste, which also tested positive for amphetamine, weighing 1,085 grams and valued at £10,850 were recovered from a box.”

The court heard that 96 grams of cocaine worth £3,800 was within a safe in a bedroom cupboard, and a further 42.02 grams of the drug valued at £1,600 was in another tub.

Six more quantities of cocaine worth a total of £800 were discovered elsewhere in the flat during the search on January 10.

Fiscal depute Ms Gilmour said: “There was a large quantity of cash in the safe which was impractical to count at the locus. It was counted later at Greenock Police Office and amounted to £11,835.”

The court heard that other money found in the flat included £915 in mixed notes within a boxer shorts box, £25 above the cooker and £520 in a bedside cabinet. There was also a tub containing loose coins.

Ms Gilmour said: “The accused was detained on January 11 at 7.05pm after he attended at Greenock police office in the presence of his solicitor.

“The accused gave a no comment interview and made no reply when cautioned and charged.”

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher told the court that Quinn had not committed any further offences since being granted bail on January 12 and that his ‘limited’ criminal record contained no drug dealing convictions.

Mr Gallagher told Sheriff David Hall: “He has no history of failing to appear in court.

“I propose to address your Lordship in full once the background report is available.

“He is under no illusions that there will be one disposal in your Lordship’s mind.” 

Sheriff Hall deferred sentence or a background report.

The lawman told Quinn: “You have pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of drugs. You will be remanded in custody.”

The ruling was met with gasps from Quinn’s family and friends in the public gallery as he suddenly jerked his head downwards and looked to the floor of the dock.

The case is due to call again on October 17.