Provost's Christmas gift

Published: 13 Dec 2012 14:30

TALENTED schoolchildren helped create a memorable first Christmas as Provost for Councillor Robert Moran.

Youngsters at the recently opened Whinhill Primary were asked to design his first official Christmas card.

More than 190 entries were received by the Provost, who took over as First Citizen this year, and it was intended to choose just one.

But the standard was so high he was unable to pick a favourite - and three were selected instead. They were submitted by Rowan Wattercott, P2, Anna McClaffery, P4, and Ellie Wood, P5, pictured above.

Their designs were sent to be printed, with 100 of each card being produced.

As a reward for their efforts, the girls were invited to help Santa switch on the Christmas lights at Clyde Square last month.

The Provost visited Whinhill to congratulate the pupils. He added: "I am extremely proud of the girls and all of Whinhill for taking part." in the Christmas challenge."

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