A THOUGHTFUL little Port Glasgow girl is on a mission to help feed impoverished children in the third world.

Lilly Madden, who is just six, has raised over £100 for the Mary’s Meals charity which provides food for some of the world’s poorest children.

The Newark Primary pupil also filled three school bags with basic learning materials which will be sent out to help boys and girls in Africa.

Lilly told the Tele: “I want to help Mary’s Meals because the boys and girls don’t have anything to eat and it makes me sad.

“Raising money makes me feel happy because I’m helping them.”

Lilly’s auntie Debbie McEwan, who lives in Northfield Avenue, said her niece was inspired to start fundraising for the charity after attending a Mary’s Meals afternoon tea event.

She said: “I’m so proud of her.

“She realised that there are children out there who aren’t getting fed.”

Lilly received a little piggy bank for the charity which she started to fill with pennies.

She also sells raffle tickets and promotes the charity wherever she goes.

Debbie added: “My dad took Lilly out to a local cafe and he jokingly said to her that he wasn’t taking her out again as she’d cost him a fortune and he only had five pence left.

“She said to him, ‘that’s great, I can give that five pence to Mary’s Meals.’”

Lilly, of Mid Avenue, has also inspired the ladies from her aunt’s slimming class to help the charity.

Debbie said: “I go to a Slimming World group and we collect 5ps in a tin and allocate it to a certain charity.

“Lilly talked to the group about Mary’s Meals and how it costs just £13.90 to feed a child for a year.

“The group leader Joanne Smith kindly donated £70 which will feed five children for a year.”

Busy Lilly is now in the process of making salt dough Christmas decorations in aid of the charity.

Lilly’s cousin Abbie McEwan said: “It’s so lovely what she is doing.

“She’s very thoughtful.”