HOUSING bosses have apologised to a Port Glasgow resident who has been waiting for over a YEAR to buy the property he rents.

Alex Sharpe was thrilled when his application to purchase his one bedroom flat in Fore Street was accepted by River Clyde Homes under the now-defunct Right to Buy scheme.

The 54-year-old, who works as a security officer, says he was due to take ownership of the property in October last year.
But 12 months on Alex is still waiting to buy his home and angry that it has cost him financially.

Alex said: “I’ve been messed about.

“It makes me angry that I’m paying for rent when I could be paying a mortgage.

“I’m fed up.

“I think about it all the time, it’s on my mind constantly.”

Alex, who has lived in the property for the past seven years, applied to buy it in February 2016 under the Scottish Government’s then-Right to Buy initiative.

But he said that a crack found on the building meant his mortgage lender would not release the funding until it was repaired.

He added: “I applied to buy my flat and after a nine month wait, River Clyde Homes gave me a takeover date of 5th October 2016.

“But then the crack was found on the building outside which meant my mortgage lender would not release the money until River Clyde Homes fixed the problem.

“After 10 months of waiting and at least six phone calls to their legal department, the crack in the building was fixed.”

Despite the fact the repair has been carried out, Alex is still waiting to take ownership.

He added: “For the sale to go through my solicitor needs a letter confirming the repairs.

“I was told that I would get the letter within three working days but I’ve still had no reply.

“I do get calls from the River Clyde Homes financial department once a month for rent, which I don’t think I should be paying as this delay is not my fault.

“I think the rent paid should be refunded and future rent waived as this is a terrible time delay.”

Aileen Metcalfe, who is the head of finance and legal services at River Clyde Homes, has said sorry for the delay.

She said: “We can only apologise to Mr Sharpe for the long delay in concluding the sale of this property. 

“We have been in regular correspondence with him in recent weeks by way of update, but unfortunately we are still pursuing the letter of comfort from the contractors to allow the sale to proceed. 

“We have been in touch with them once again and asked them, as a matter of urgency, to provide the proof of completion of works.”