Area's tribute to cat woman Betty

Published: 6 Nov 2011 12:006 comments

INVERCLYDE'S animal champion has been crowned and is set to scoop a bumper £500 worth of pet food.

PET HERO: Betty.

INVERCLYDE'S animal champion has been crowned and is set to scoop a bumper £500 worth of pet food.

It was a close call, but Tele readers voted with their hearts and chose veteran Gourock cat rescuer Betty Lafferty.

Betty, 71, pictured right, who has been caring for cats for more than 25 years, was the runaway winner of Pet Hero.

The contest was run in the Tele in conjunction with Wilkinson's in Greenock, who put up the fabulous prize of a year's supply of food.

An emotional Betty said: "This is absolutely wonderful. I am overwhelmed, I'm near to tears - this has really made my day.

"I'm worried about my husband just now who's not keeping well and this has given me a huge boost. I want to thank everyone who has voted for me - it's like Christmas coming early. I do it for the love of my cats and giving hope to people who have lost their pets. I always tell them never to give up and I try to give them hope."

After an appeal for nominations was launched, warm tributes quickly poured in for the plucky pensioner who has worked tirelessly to find homes for abandoned cats and feed and control feral colonies in Inverclyde.

Supporter Liz Ayliffe said: "Betty has worked endlessly day and night to have young and old cats rehomed.

"She has held jumble sales and coffee mornings to raise money to have cats and kittens neutered and to pay for vet bills for sick and injured cats.

"Betty has two runs in which cats are held until homes are found for them. She has to pay for the animals to be fed and this prize would be a total miracle.

"That is what I would like for Betty and the Inverclyde Cat Rescue."

Heather Cleary, of Port Glasgow, said: "I would like to nominate Mrs Lafferty as this lady is an angel and I dread to think what this area would be like without her unfailing care and love for stray cats.

"We used to see Betty out every week doing her car boot sales in all weathers to raise money to look after her beloved cats - what an inspiration.

"The world would be a much better place if we had more people like this lady. No one deserves the credit than she does."

Volunteers Karen Wrigley, from Hessilhead Wildlife Trust in Ayrshire, and Allison Black, of Inverclyde Animal Rescue, were also popular nominations.

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  • Tiddles
    1077 posts
    Nov 6, 13:28
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    Well done wee Betty, it should be an MBE!!!!!

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    128 posts
    Nov 6, 15:07
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    I would sincerely like to thank everyone that nominated me. It is all too often a very thankless job from the two-legged species, BUT it is for the four leggeds that I do what I can to help save/rescue/rehome animals. To the person(s) that periodically leaves a box of food at my door, a very grateful THANKS, i dont know who you are, but it is really appreciated and it makes a pleasant change from the boxes of rabbits, pups and kittens that are also left at my door.

    I have been forced to rethink what I do recently, after a huge slap in the face from a lady the left me to pay her brother's dogs vets bill after caring and helping the family out for over 7 years! Trust a human ??? i dont think so. What I do, is VOLUNTARY! and the love and affection from animals is worth soo much more and what makes it all worthwhile. The wheelie bins for donations of food will hopefully be in place in Tesco's and Morrisons at Christmas, whilst financial donations can be handed directly into Abbey Vets, whom I would also like to thank for their 24/7/365 wonderful service.

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  • stuart1
    42 posts
    Nov 6, 18:50
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    here tiddles your saved after all now so be a good cat and catch some mice and yobs junkies and most of all get those clowns of bosses out that council as they ar money grabbing crooks they cant run a piss up at a brewery nover mind run a town those are the ones that sould ne locked up in a cattery and kennels not the animales

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  • wallace1297
    117 posts
    Nov 6, 19:11
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    Well done Betty. You have done great work over many years. If anyone deserves a medal or a reward it is you for the work that you have done for our four legged friends, and often their owners too.

    All the best for the future Betty. You deserve a rest.

    Here is to the new organisation that is taking over the welfare of our feline friends in Inverclyde.

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  • Linda57
    5 posts
    Nov 6, 20:52
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    Well done Betty. Your care and dedication to your work is admired by many. Put your feet up and enjoy a good have earned it. All the best to you and your husband in the future.

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  • supertabs
    9 posts
    Nov 8, 05:50
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    Back in 1986 when my family moved to Gourock our cat went missing as he didn't know the area & the movers had left the front door open. My Mom was a wreck with worry over him. On about the 6-7 month mark when we had given up all hope of ever finding him some woman told my Mom about a woman who lived a few streets over that had found an orange cat that sounded like ours , low & behold it was him & it was Mrs Lafferty that had found, cared & loved for him all that time. I am positive that if she hadn't been such a caring woman our beloved Toby would have came to some kind of harm or even died. So once again Mrs Laffertty Thank you. You deserve this award & so many more. In a world were we hear of so much hatred & misery you are a shining light of selflessness.

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