McMillan zones in on enterprise bid

Published: 9 Nov 2011 11:0013 comments

A LOCAL MSP has made the case for Inverclyde to be named as one of Scotland's four designated enterprise zones.

The Scottish Government has pledged to create the new areas, as part of a scheme to attract new business into places which need an economic boost - with a particular focus on the low carbon manufacturing sector.

And SNP man Stuart McMillan has met the minister for enterprise, Fergus Ewing MSP, to push Inverclyde's cause to be one of the four areas given the status.

He believes the district is an ideal candidate for the programme and says it would deliver significant benefits.

Mr McMillan, right, said: "I was pleased to have the opportunity to sit down with the minister and Scottish Government officials to highlight the case why Inverclyde should be seriously considered as a future enterprise area.

"As I have stated before, I believe Inverclyde is well placed, in terms of knowledge and workforce, to help drive the renewables industry forward.

"Therefore, the benefits of an enterprise area to Inverclyde would be vast, in terms of employment opportunities and growing the local economy."

Mr McMillan said that, as well as discussing what Inverclyde has to offer, he also spoke to Mr Ewing about the social and economic challenges still faced by the area.

He said: "The minister is firmly aware of the issues surrounding Inverclyde, such as population decline and unemployment.

"I hope he will take on board my proposal as to why Inverclyde should be considered as an enterprise area."

The Scottish Government is currently working on proposals for the enterprise zones, with funding expected to be allocated during the next financial year.

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  • samfraegreenock
    156 posts
    Nov 9, 11:44
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    Wonder if Donkey and McKenzie will be supporting this or will they be still stuck sooking lemons?

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  • Tiddles
    1077 posts
    Nov 9, 12:04
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    Excellent effort for Stuart, I hope he finds success. You're right of course Sam, the Tatty Trio will only carp from the sidelines.

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  • Moonshadow
    79 posts
    Nov 9, 14:15
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    Not saying that this is a bad idea but how many times has Inverclyde been an enterprise zone. And wasn’t this what RI was meant to be doing the same RI that the Government cut back on.

    Is this a ploy to keep these incomitant people in a job?

    Good luck to you Stu but be prepared for the “we tried it before and I didn’t work then why will it work now “tribe

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  • samfraegreenock
    156 posts
    Nov 9, 14:49
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    The area needs McKenzie and Donkey to stand up and be counted, to be seen and heard saying "what can we do to help?"

    Girning, greeting and sour grapes from that pair isn't cutting it anymore, they may disagree with SNP on matters of policy but at this micro-level they should be supporting Stuart.

    Or do they have to wait on orders from HQ in London?

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  • samfraegreenock
    156 posts
    Nov 9, 15:04
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    Greenock Telegraph in SNP Headline Shocker!

    Questions were being asked today on why the Greenock Telegraph is featuring a good news, positive story about the SNP.

    Readers are aghast at the temerity of the "Tele" in what is seen as a possible move away from being Lieboors "Pravda".

    A Lieboor MSP who asked to remain anonymous (donkey) was asked for comment but could only manage "Eh?, Eh? DUH! innat, Gonnae no' dae 'at Greenock Tele" it was later revealed he was waiting on instructions and press release from HQ in London

    A certain Mr McKenzie who is apparently the local MP was asked to comment but was far to busy with this month's expenses claim. It was later revealed he too, is waiting on instructions from HQ in London. After his much vaunted claim to "bang heads together" to bring jobs Inverclyde's way was shown to be complete tripe, apparently he's not allowed any where near the media - just in case any constituents get the wrong idea about him doing something.

    Councillor McCabe is out and about having a slamming things outwith his remit and was unavailable for commnent - (thank god)

    In other 'Tele" news headlines, man bites dog!, this is wednesday and believe it or not tomorrow is thursday.

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  • RabTheGab
    27 posts
    Nov 9, 15:13
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    Go for it !

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  • Tiddles
    1077 posts
    Nov 9, 15:32
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    Like it sammy, like it!

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  • thewean
    12 posts
    Nov 9, 15:58
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    Our previous enterprise zones saw companies set up...take advantage of grants and tax relief then after the requisite amount of time so as no pay back was required close down and move....lets hope this does not happen again...but great to see an MP trying at least to assist the local economy......Just a wee aside wish he could take Tesco to task over their fuel monopoly since Esso closed

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  • echosounder
    130 posts
    Nov 9, 17:51
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    Surely this is one topic that everyone should be supporting in an effort to boost employment. What does it matter if it has been tried before? The Labour Party about so much the last time that time was nearly up before they knew what to do with Enterprise Zone status.

    The very best of luck to you Stuart. Go for it and show them how it's done!

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  • WeeJockW
    676 posts
    Nov 9, 18:07
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    Good news Stuart, here's hoping that oor wee Dunky and the undertaker jump on board and we can have Bi-Party support on this issue.

    As for it's having been tried before, put the proper (Local) people in place to set it up and run it. Lets face it we'll never get back to the heydays of Inverclyde, but with all parties working together this could kick start a revival for the area.

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  • gdsanders
    61 posts
    Nov 10, 07:58
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    Fot Tiddles to say the tatty trio will as usual only carp from the sidelines is brilliant.....have a look at the previous 699 Moonshadow hope McMillan has success and Mckenzie et al get behind because if to any chance everyone has to pull together and rise above some of the parochial rubbish been spoken. been

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  • gdsanders
    61 posts
    Nov 10, 08:08
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    Your tesco comment Wean.......Tesco do NOT have a fuel monoply in Greenock you can go to Morrisons......but hey its the same price..... why dont Morrisons bring their price down 3p to same as Paisley and we would all go there until Tesco then follow the decrease which would then be the same as Tesco Paisley This another area that McKenzie/mcMillan/Telegraph should be fighting for.... why is Inverclyde paying more for petrol from BOTH Tesco and Morrisons than towns 11 miles up the road

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  • Drizzle
    1 post
    Nov 29, 08:34
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    A bigger client footprint so enabling the same profits but spread over a larger area!

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