Festival brothers are top brass

Published: 1 Feb 2012 12:000 comments

SIBLING rivalry was put to one side on Monday as the Inverclyde Music Festival entered its second week of competition.

BROTHERS IN ARMS: Gerard and Jack Hennan.

And the top brass from the area really was out on show as the town hall crowds enjoyed a series of terrific performances.

Port Glasgow brothers Gerard and Jack Hennan were among the competitors on a day which centred on the soulful sounds of brass instruments.

Jack, 14, plays the trumpet while older brother Gerard, 17, plays the trombone.

The St Stephen's High School duo took to the stage in separate competitions to showcase their musical talents.

Jack took part in the day's brass solo competition, with dozens of talented musicians battling it out for the Willie O'Neill Memorial Cup.

Also in the competition was 14-year-old Francesca Dempsey, from St Columba's, who was enjoying the freedom to perform solo in the competition.

The Gourock teenager, who plays the euphonium, said: "I have been playing since about primary five and the festival is good because it lets me get on stage and play the instrument by myself."

Fellow competitor, David McCready, 16, who plays the cornet, loved the buzz of performing live on stage.

The St Stephen's student said: "I am really pleased with my performance, I just love to perform.

"The festival is an ideal platform for me because I enjoy playing in front of an audience."

Later in the evening Jack's older brother Gerard played as part of the St Stephen's Brass Ensemble who took on rivals from Notre Dame, Clydeview Academy and St Columba's.

Trombone player Gerard said: "I've played a couple of times so far, once last week and I am playing again this week so I have been very busy.

"I have been playing the trombone for eight or nine years.

"The festival is great because it promotes music in a positive way.

"A lot of young people don't take music too seriously - especially when they are choosing their classes in school - but this helps promote music and it's good to see how much talent there is in Inverclyde.

"It's also good to see different people from different schools and what they can do.

"With brass there is such a wealth of instruments."

The day also featured talented vocal soloists who took to the stage later in the evening, and the action continues again today.



Class 232, String duet, 11 and under: Marcus Wylie, Rory MacLean, Bridge of Weir (168).

Class 234, String and piano duet, 15 and under: Rory MacLean, Matthew McIlree, Kilmacolm (84).

Class 223B, String solo, primary: 1, Emily Wood, Greenock (86); 2, Amy-Leigh Carty, Greenock (84).

Class 224B, String solo, 18 and under: 1, Amelia Macpherson, Dunoon (86); 2, David Stevens, Gourock (85).

Class 223C, String solo, primary: 1, Joseph McIlree, Quarriers Village (86); 2, Eliot Bolster, Gourock (85).

Class 226, String solo, 18 and under: 1, Rebecca McAlpine, Greenock (86); 2, Mirian Donald, Erskine (85).

Class 225, String solo, 18 and under: 1, Declan Bolster, (86); 2 equal, Marcus Wylie, Bridge of Weir; Rory Maclean, Kilmacolm (85).

Class 320 (William Kelly Trophy), School orchestras/bands: 1, Notre Dame HS & Associated Primaries, Greenock (86); 2, Clydeview Academy Orchestra, Greenock (85).

Class 321, String orchestra, secondary: 1, Garnock Academy Strings, Kilbirnie (169); 2, Clydeview Academy String Orchestra, Greenock (167).

Class 303, Drum kit, 15 and under: 1, Nathan Middleton, Port Glasgow (88); 2, Holly Milloy, Greenock (87).

Class 302, Samba band, 18 and under: St Stephen's Samba Band, Port Glasgow (87).

Class 304, Drum kit, 18 and under: 1, Graeme Newbury, Greenock (89); 2, Liam Nelis, Greenock (88).

Class 284, Chanter (march), 11 and under: 1, Gavin Findlay, Bridge of Weir (80); 2, Cameron Stark, Kilmacolm (75).

Class 285, Chanter (march), 14 and under: 1, Bruce Wards, Bridge of Weir (75); 2, Rowan MacKillop, Kilmacolm (70).

Class 286, Chanter (slow march), 11 and under: 1, Gavin Findlay, Bridge of Weir (78); 2 equal, Cameron Stark, Kilmacolm; Caitlin Anderson, Port Glasgow (75).

Class 287, Chanter (slow march), 14 and under: 1, Bruce Wards, Bridge of Weir (76); 2, Rowan MacKillop, Kilmacolm (75).

Class 288, Bagpipes (2/4 march), 14 and under: 1, Keir Brown, Kilmacolm (86); 2, Alexander Love, Wemyss Bay (85).

Class 289, Bagpipes (2-4 march), 16 and under: Mark McGregor, Kilmacolm (83); 2, Peter Borland, Bridge of Weir (82).

Class 298, Orchestral percussion solo, 15 and under: 1, Hollie Fyfe, Greenock (90); 2, Kira Cumming, Greenock (87).

Class 299, Orchestral percussion, 18 and under: 1, Darren Gallacher, Greenock (89); 2, Daniel McFarlane, Greenock (88).

Class 300, Percussion based ensemble, 18 and under: 1, Inverclyde Academy, Greenock (88); 2, Port Glasgow HS Prcussion Ensemble, Port Glasgow (87).

Class 301, Percussion ensemble, 18 and under: 1, Notre Dame HS Percussion Ensemble, Greenock (88); 2, St Columba's High School, Greenock (87).

Class 290, Bagpipes (Strathspay and reel), 14 and under: Keir Brown, Kilmacolm (83).

Class 291, Bagpipes (Strathspey and reel), 16 and under: 1, Sandy Ritchie, Lochwinnoch (83); 2, Mark McGregor, Kilmacolm (82).

Class 292, Bagpipes (Jig), 14 and under: Keir Brown, Kilmacolm (85).

Class 293, Bagpipes (Jig), 16 and under: 1, Sandy Ritchie, Lochwinnoch (83); 2, Peter Borland, Bridge of Weir (82).

Class 294, Bagpipe trio, 14 and under: 1, Andrew Morrison, Jamie McKenzie, Alexander Love, Port Glasgow (83); 2, Andrew Muir, Ryan Turley, Jason McLeod, Gourock (81).

Class 295 (James McNeil Memorial Trophy), Bagpipe trio (18 and under): Mark McGregor, Sian Williams, Sandy Ritchie, Kilmacolm (86).

Class 296, Mini band (medley): St Columba's School Mini Band, Kilmacolm (86).

Class 329, Recital class-instrumental: 1, Christopher Duffy, Gourock (87); 2, Claire Eagle, Kilmacolm (86).


Class 3B, Vocal solo, girls P4 and under: 1 equal, Romy Erskine, Kilmacolm, Neave Halliday, Kilmacolm (86); 2 equal, Maxine Young, Kilmacolm, Cara Bruce, Elderslie (85).

Class 1 (Fay Watson Trophy), Boys P3 and under: 1, Archie Keogh, Kilmacolm (86); 2, Matthew Provan, Brookfield (85).

Class 4F, FINAL, L.C. Calder Trophy: Zac Caldwell, Gourock (86).

Class 5F, FINAL, L.C. Calder Trophy: Molly Cowie, Alexandria (87).

Class 35F, FINAL, Con Gill (Little White Bull) Trophy: Katy Bonnar, Gourock (87).

Class 6F, FINAL, Cecilia Campbell Memorial Trophy: Christy Harkins, Alexandria (87).

Class 2 (Fay Watson Trophy), Vocal solo, girls P3 and under: 1, Romy Mackie, Inverkip (87); 2, Isla Tayor, Kilbarchan (86).

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