Port Glasgow reader John Gisbey brought in this photograph of his old Holy Family primary class from around 1950.

John said at that time it was popularly known as 'the monk school', as it stood on the site of a former Royal Navy barracks called HMS Monk.

The school was in High Carnegie Road, Port Glasgow.

Classes were held in the old barracks' rooms and Nissen huts which John recalls were - during the winter months - cold, damp and draughty.

John said: "I cannot remember the exact date, but it was several years after I had finished primary school that a proper building was erected to the east in Parkhill Avenue.

"The spot where the photograph was taken is now the upper part of Port Glasgow cemetery and is only a few yards from the grave of my mother and father.

"Sadly, a few people in the photograph have passed away but the rest have reached, or are about to reach, the Biblical three score years and ten." The photograph was sent to John by former fellow pupil George O'Neill, who has lived in America for a good number of years and is still involved in coaching football.

John said George played for Celtic for a period, then moved to Partick Thistle where he eventually became captain of the side.

Following are all the names of pupils except one of those in the Holy Family picture.

Back row, from left: John Jamieson, Archie Devlin, Alex O'Hagen, George Bellew, Peter Docherty, Joe Kelly, Jim Donnachie and Francis Tosh.

Second back: John Duffy, Robert Kelly, David Davidson, Charles Docherty, John Gisbey, Joe Jamieson, Tom Doak, George O'Neill and Mungo O'Hagen.

Middle: Helen McGowan, Mary Stevenson, Maureen Nugent, Anne Dephley, Mary Clark, Kathleen Tracey, Maureen O'Sullivan, Helen Quinn, not recalled, Jean Hughes and Elsie McKay.

Second front: Monica Greig, Anne Feeney, Anne Kinney, Veronica Stewart, Margaret McKay, Irene Nugent, Patricia Coyle, Betty Campbell, Janet McDade, Margaret McMillan and Roberta McKee.

Front: Rose O'Brian, Agnes Hemphill, Elizabeth McCormick and Jean Findley.

Anyone in the photograph who would like a copy can call John on 704980.

He would also like to know the identity of the girl whose name he cannot recall.