Last week, the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Government delivered its Budget at Westminster.

This was a Budget for millionaires with the reduction in the top rate of income tax from 50 per cent to 45 per cent from April 2013.

The chancellor failed to deliver a Budget on fairness and growth. Instead, the state pension age allowances - from April 2013 - will be frozen, thus an effective real terms tax increase for approximately 330,000 Scottish pensioners.

MPs had an opportunity to reject the 45 per cent income tax Budget proposal on Monday as a result of an SNP motion.

However, only two Labour MPs voted to support the SNP motion and even they didn't represent Scottish constituencies.

At a time when the UK coalition Government cuts will lead to hardship for thousands in Inverclyde, it is disappointing that Labour also now appear to be backing millionaires.

This followed on from the story which appeared in the Telegraph last Saturday, where it was revealed that Inverclyde Council plans to cut welfare rights officers from 18.5 to 13.

This is at a time when the services of welfare rights officers will be required more than ever.

Finally, last week I attended a breakfast briefing by Scottish Power in relation to the energy sector.

It was pointed out that it costs over �300,000 per day to lease a ship for offshore installation work.

This was one of the primary reasons why the manufacturing within the sector is taking place on the east coast of Scotland at the moment.