The Queen's Speech, given among the splendour and pageant of Parliament last week, was a missed opportunity by David Cameron and his Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition.

It offers no hope to the unemployed or to millions of people being squeezed by rising living costs.

There is nothing to help families in Inverclyde with spending cuts, pay freezes and rising prices. The speech said nothing about the soaring cost of living, especially when rising electricity prices are costing Scottish families an average of �160 extra a year.

The Tory-led coalition's Queen's Speech has failed Scottish families and has done nothing to help the 84,000 families that have lost all their tax credits thanks to chancellor George Osborne's botched budget.

There's nothing to help the 234,000 unemployed Scots get a job.

The Tories want to make it easier to fire people rather than hire workers. They promised economic recovery but they've delivered recession.

What we needed was a plan to put jobs and economic growth first and to help boost Scotland's struggling economy.

This should have been a Queen's Speech that put building an economy that works for people centre stage.

Energy bills, water bills, the cost of living - that's what is worrying families in Scotland.

Labour would have immediately helped families by tackling rip-off prices and introduced a bank bonuses tax to provide jobs for 10,000 young people in Scotland.

Our priority would have been a fair deal for people on tax, on energy, on jobs.

And we would have got the economy working again with Labour's five-point plan for jobs and growth.