MICHAEL Doyle believes his right-flank partnership with team-mate Ross Forbes has worked wonders this season.

Forbes has been in scintillating form this campaign, bagging 12 goals and 18 direct assists during a huge season for the midfielder.

Doyle praised the 28-year-old for his talents, before insisting that he has been a great foil for Forbes down the right wing this season.

He told the Tele: “Forbesy and I have a good understanding and it was good to get back to that.

“It worked in the second half after I switched back from left-back.

“He’s had a fantastic season and I’m always joking with him that I assist his assists.

“We always have a bit of banter and wind each other up in the changing room, but on game day we’re in sync.

“You can’t take anything away from him, and it’s all because of his left foot.

“But I like to think that when I overlap him it confuses or distracts a defender and gives Ross the opportunity to come in on his left foot.

“With his ratio of goals and assists, I don’t know if he’ll have a better season because it’s been a great one for 

Doyle admits that Ton are close to sealing a play-off spot in the Ladbrokes Championship, but says they won’t be complacent.

He compared the battle at the top of the table to a game of chess, as all four sides in the hunt, including Queen of the South, want to make sure they make every move necessary to book their spot.

He said: “We would never say the play-offs were guaranteed, because the minute you start saying that you get complacent.

“The mentality that’s worked for us so far has been one game at a time, so there’s no point in changing it.

“The last quarter of the season is the most important quarter and nobody wants to budge.

“You’ve played each other enough to know how everyone plays and it’s almost like a chess game. Someone’s going to make a mistake or something, and you don’t want to be the one who does.

“Every point counts with how close it is in that play-off fight.”

The defender was singled out by boss Jim Duffy at the weekend, along with Andy Murdoch and Jamie Lindsay, for having an outstanding individual performance against Queens.

And he said: “That’s not like him, he’s usually telling me to shut up! Seriously though, I wasn’t even really thinking about anything like that, it was just that we got a good result and I was back in the team.

“Andy got man of the match as well, but it was a team effort. It’s nice to hear these things though and it gives you a bit of confidence.”

Doyle and team-mates Aidan Nesbitt and Lawrence Shankland made good use of their recent free weekend with a trip to Disneyland, and Doyle said: “I spoke to Nizzy [Nesbitt] and Shanks after the game — after Nizzy got Alba man of the match and Shanks played really well — we should go to Disneyland every weekend!”