MICHAEL Doyle is ‘honoured’ to have been offered a new contract at Morton — but he won’t rush into anything until after his holidays.

Doyle, along with four other stars, has had a new contract tabled with boss Jim Duffy eagerly awaiting answers from him, Mark Russell, Michael Tidser and Doyle.

Midfielder Andy Murdoch has already put pen to paper on his extension meanwhile defender Ricki Lamie is expected to sign on the dotted line within the next few days.

But Doyle admits he’s happy to take his time and recharge his batteries on holiday before he continues any contract discussions after a gruelling season.

He exclusively told the Tele: “The manager has offered a few of us new contracts and you get the summer to enjoy it first, because you’ve put in hard work over the course of the season.

“It’s not like when you’re offered a new contract you have to sign it there and then. The gaffer says to you ‘go enjoy your holidays and then speak to me when you come back’. 

“He goes and enjoys his holidays as well because he deserves it. 

“That’s the way it works.

“The manager lets you enjoy your summer. I feel great about being offered a new contract. 

“I drive down with Jon Scullion who has been released now and I’ve been released before as well so it can be a difficult time for players and for managers. And so I’m honoured to be offered a new contract.

“I’ll speak to the manager when I come back from my holidays.”