NEW Morton striker Robert Thomson claims he is happy to juggle full-time football with university this season after Jim Duffy convinced him to sign for the Cappielow club.

Thomson — studying fire risk engineering at uni — is heading into the final year of his degree and revealed how he previously knocked back a move to Ton in order to stay focused on his work whilst continuing with part-time football. 

But with his last year having a less intense teaching curriculum, Thomson was more than happy to pen a deal in Greenock after talks with Duffy, allowing him to accommodate both football and his studies.

He told the Tele: “I’m going into my final year at university so it’s not quite as teaching intensive as previous years. 

“That’s why when I met with Jim Duffy he said he’d be able to accommodate that and allow me to finish my year. 

“We’ve managed to work it out and I’ll be able to finish it off and hopefully come away with my degree.

“That’s been my main focus over the last couple of years. I wouldn’t have left that to, realistically, go to any team. The fact that the gaffer said he’d be accommodating, that was definitely a factor in signing.”

“I’d spoken to the manager a couple of years ago actually when I was still at Brechin City about the possibility of signing, but I just wasn’t in a position to do that because I was starting university and I couldn’t give that up. 

“When I spoke to him the second time though, because I wouldn’t be in uni as much, I was delighted at the chance and jumped at the opportunity.”

Thomson admits he might take a bit of time getting used to being back in full-time football. But the striker maintains that he’s ready to work hard at it — and that pre-season can’t come quick enough after having time to ‘recharge his batteries’.

He said: “The season finished for me at Dumbarton a while ago, so you’re kind of a wee bit lost with things to do — especially on a Saturday at 3pm when you’re twiddling your thumbs. 

“While it’s nice to get a wee break to recharge the batteries, it’s better to look forward to coming back in at pre-season.

“But it might be a little difficult, it’s been three years since the last time I was full-time and it might be difficult with a full-time pre-season but I think I’ll be a better player for it.

“I think it’ll take a wee bit of time to get used to that again, the physicality of training every day. Whereas for the past two years I’ve been down to just two nights a week and a Saturday. 

“So it’ll take its toll. But after a few weeks, in pre-season, I’ll be back into the swing of things.”