New Ton Strip unveiled

Published: 26 May 2011 11:5513 comments

THIS Tele picture exclusive is your first glimpse of Morton's natty new look for the season ahead.

The club's new home strip is set to be launched on Saturday 4 June from 11am in The Morton Shop @ Smiths Sports - and it looks sure to prove popular with supporters.

The new strip features the famous blue and white on the front, while the back of the strip is an eye-catching all-white.

The top also has a traditional classic collar and there is a new shirtfront sponsor for the club this term, with Ferguson's Chocolates replacing the millions logo.

Ton midfielder Michael Tidser was the first player to get a chance to pull on the fancy new Puma kit and was joined by manager Allan Moore for the photocall unveiling at Cappielow yesterday.

Michael also showed off a smart light blue training top for the campaign ahead.

Meanwhile, a new away kit is arriving soon and expected to be launched in August.

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  • ningin
    99 posts
    May 26, 13:13
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    sad to see the millions logo off the new strip.....just means my tops will be out dated till i get my new one

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  • HairyMcHero
    19 posts
    May 26, 14:55
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    Keep it simple. Give us back our blue and white hoops!!!!!

    Morton's identity is lost with white sleeves and a white back.

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  • tinhat65
    5 posts
    May 26, 16:15
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    agreed give us our hoops back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • GiGi19
    1 post
    May 26, 20:43
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    Nothing wrong with plain white sleeves. Glad we have a proper collar.

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  • charlieboy
    1 post
    May 26, 22:21
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    lets hope for a decent start to our season as this might help boost motons merchandise sales

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  • RATON1874
    5 posts
    May 27, 01:44
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    3 inch Blue and White Hoops are what we should be wearing it's time to get rid of a shirt sponsor let's go back to the day when the only thing on the shirt was the club badge now fans have turned into cheap advertising board and we have to pay through the nose for the tops that the clubs pay buttons for. It's time ALL the football clubs woke up and realise that fans don't have bottomless pits for pockets due to the recession, and stop ripping us off with the over inflated prices for the strips that are made for buttons in the far east.

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  • greenockgooner
    1 post
    May 27, 10:22
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    morton till i die, but please please leave our traditional blue and white hoops alone, because this is the morton we all love

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  • 1callan
    1 post
    May 29, 22:57
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    Keep with the hoops, WE R THE REAL HOOPS, hope away strip is well away from last years one. portsmouth based ton supporter

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  • MAX854
    2 posts
    May 30, 22:06
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    Hope they put The apostrophe in" Ferguson's" when they release it to the fans!

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  • letitbe
    9 posts
    Jun 1, 20:45
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    As a Greenock incomer who, although not a life long fan, has a huge soft spot for my adopted local team I have to say I like the strip. The collar and sleeves gives it a very fresh look. Regardless of the strip lets hope the team have a successful season. Come on the Ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ericsorenson
    25 posts
    Jun 3, 00:37
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    What was wrong with the luminous lemon they used to wear in the late 60s? Very fetching, I thought. Clearly our Hal got them cheap as a job lot. He was a one of a kin, part showman, part conman but great salesman. And they won games - sometimes. 2 Scottish ccup semi finals, 68 and 69. And Ton's only European appearnace in 69 v Chelsea. We had them on the ropes at Scapa Flow for few minutes when we were 3--1 up and Billy Gray (Captain Kirk) thundered the ball againts the bar and would have been 4-1. Let's not talk about the final score or the aggreate score though. Jings, great days (sometimes).

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  • IanAnderson
    5 posts
    Jul 13, 21:22
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    For those of us who remember real Morton teams from the 60's, the Morton strip was all white with vertical blue pinstripes, blue shorts and white socks with blue tops.

    Erik Sorensen will remember all the strips worn by Morton teams of the period and there was indeed a luminous lemon strip, an all red strip, an all pale blue strip and a maroon top with white shorts.

    However the white with blue pinstripes was the main strip and Morton NEVER wore hooped shirts that I can recall.

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  • IanAnderson
    5 posts
    Jul 14, 12:53
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    ...........maybe Sorensen will only remember the fact that he always wore all black, which was his trademark and of course this is how Hal Stewart first introduced him to Scottish football 'the mystery man in black' whose first game I believe was a Summer Cup game against Third Lanark.

    Why cannot the Greenock Telegraph indulge us by running a 'Where Are They Now' page and update us with details of where the stars of the 60s are now.

    For the record, Erik Sorensen returned to Odense where he worked for the rail transport provider and together with Carl Bertelsen, still plays in exhibition matches and both are around 70 years old!

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