SFA 'untruthful'

Published: 10 Jul 2012 11:180 comments

MORTON chairman Douglas Rae has accused the SFA's top boss of 'being unable to give a truthful response' over the controversial newco Rangers issue.

In a damning letter sent to all SFL clubs, the Cappielow owner made an impassioned outburst, accusing SFA chief executive Stewart Regan of failing to give a 'truthful response' at last week's meeting of clubs.

The SFL will hold a special general meeting this Friday to vote on whether to allow the fallen Ibrox giants into the lower leagues, and at what level.

Rae will be on holiday but the Greenock club will be represented by chief executive Gillian Donaldson.

In the letter sent out yesterday to the other 29 SFL clubs, Rae accuses the SFA chief of lying about the governing body's intention to block Rangers' entry to the SPL, should it have been agreed.

Regan is also said to have tried to "turn the thumbscrews" in an attempt to convince the SFL of the need to grant Rangers a place in the First Division. The Ton chairman claims he's written the letter 'out of concern' for Scottish football's future, adding: "SFL clubs are being placed in an intolerable position by the SFA and the overwhelming decision by the SPL to refuse to admit newco Rangers into the Premier League.

"I was very disappointed indeed with the input of the Stewart Regan and SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster.

"Neil Doncaster was a man who didn't appreciate that the current problem relative to newco Rangers, and which league they should be playing in next season, is exclusively the problem of the SPL and little do to with the SFL.

"Neil was totally unable to get his clubs to accept the decision going forward that he wanted, as the SPL vote was overwhelmingly in favour of newco Rangers being refused entry to the SPL.

"Following that mammoth failure, Neil now expects the SFL clubs to bail him out, which to do so would mean SFL clubs ignoring the views of their supporters.

"Never have I known supporters to be more single-minded than how they feel over this newco Rangers drama.

"Quite frankly, Neil Doncaster seemed to many to be a man who had lost his way and is unable to get back on the right road."

Mr Rae hit out at Regan's claim that he would have blocked Rangers' entry into the SPL.

He added: "The most concerning point about Regan's presentation was that he departed truth as he became increasingly desperate to get his viewpoints accepted.

When asked what would have happened if SPL clubs had voted that newco Rangers should be granted entry to the Premier League, he stated that the SFA would block it.

"I then asked why that point had not been made known to the clubs prior to the meeting. In reply he stated that sometimes points are withheld from meetings until the last moment for greater effect.

"I then asked, through the chair, if I could ask Regan to repeat what he had just said about 'blocking'.

"He responded by repeating what he had said minutes before; namely that the SFA would block any result that would see newco Rangers entering the SPL.

"The following day he countermanded in the Press what he had told the SFL meeting the previous day.

"It is very disappointing that the SFA chief executive was unable to give a truthful response to the SFL chairmen."

Mr Rae also hit out at SPL chief Doncaster for his comments at the meeting - claiming he "didn't appreciate that the current problem

relative to newco Rangers is exclusively the problem of the

SPL and little do to with the SFL".

The Cappielow chairman ­- who has vocally aired his view that Rangers should start in Division Three - insisted he penned the letter "out of my concern for the future of Scottish football".

Despite being contact by the Tele, both the SFA and

the SPL declined to comment on the story.

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