Slipknot fans have been expressing their fury after a spate of phones were stolen at the band's Glasgow gig on Saturday. 

LiaisonG posted on Reddit that a large amount of phones were stolen and that the lost and found queue was massive after the metal band finished their set at The SSE Hydro.

Others said there was a large amount of phone cases discarded on the floor of the venue when the band had finished their set. 

One user suggested that the dozens of phones may have been stolen during the show.

He said: "I was looking for my phone and... as soon as I came across the second Samsung case that had both the front and back of the shell intact the penny dropped on what was happening!

"There's no way a phone slips out of a sealed case."

Another said: "My wife's p30 pro got bumped out my pocket last night!

"I found the case on the floor and waited at lost and found but no luck, got home and did find my phone and traced it to the Radisson Blu on Argyle Street then when we played the sound they turned it off.

"We're both absolutely gutted. Police have been phoned and now off to buy a new f***ing phone."

Greenock Telegraph:

Some slammed the venue's stace on theft, with one person commenting: "Same here, iPhone nicked from my zipped-up coat pocket. Once reported to the front desk, filled out a form and noticed that roughly 12 other people were filling in forms. Security couldn't care less and put it down to 'lost property' instead of phone thieves on the prowl."

Another added: "Not the first time this has happened at a gig in the Hydro!!"

The Scottish Event Campus, who run the SSE Hydro as well as the Armadillo and the SEC Centre, said many phones were reported "lost" to them on Saturday night.

A spokesperson for SEC told The Sun: "We can confirm that there were a number of phones reported as lost at this event.

"We always advise visitors to take care of their belongings in a crowded environment and this message was included in our information messaging displayed on screens throughout the venue.

"Anyone can contact our customer experience team to enquire about a lost phone, but if they think that it has been stolen our advice would be to contact the police.”