PEOPLE who worked for the Greenock Dockyard Company in 1937 may be able to answer an appeal from Australia.

Heather Elliott has been in touch about something which has puzzled her father, Peter Robertson, for many years.

The accompanying photograph shows Peter in the yard when he was around 14 in 1937. He is seen presenting flowers to a lady and it is almost certain she would have launched a ship on that day.

Peter was a time-keeper with the dockyard, known colloquially as Klondyke, and later became an electrician working on ships before and after the Second World War.

Heather told me; 'My dad"s mother was Annie, nee Kay, and his father was John Robertson.

'My mum Matilda, nee Duncan, and dad married on 31 July, 1944 and, with my sister June and myself, migrated to Australia in 1952. We lived in Dempster Street, Greenock, before moving to New South Wales.

'My dad is 86 and not in good health. My mum is 84 and cares for him.' Heather said her father would love to know who the lady was and which ship was being launched.

Anyone with this information can give me a call on 726511 or email Heather at Incidentally, Peter and Matilda still keep up with Lower Clyde news as the Telegraph is sent to them on a regular basis.