INTRIGUING internet footage of a mysterious disc seen hovering in the skies over Port Glasgow has sparked an Inverclyde UFO hunt.

The mysterious craft was seen floating high above Coronation Park late on Friday afternoon.

A video of the incident has now been posted on YouTube - and it has attracted plenty of interests from curious locals.

Nearly 3,000 people have already watched the spooky Black Friday scene and some have posted comments about it.

The clip lasts for just over a minute and shows what appears to be a darkly coloured object high in the clouds.

The camera man zooms in to take a closer view of the object and for a moment there appears to be a light shining from underneath it.

One eyewitness who watched the freaky footage said he was taken aback and left rather startled by what he saw.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: "It might be an optical illusion but it looks really weird the way it doesn't move at all.

"It's difficult to tell but it looks like a big metal disc to me and there is definitely some sort of light below it.

"I've sent the video to my friends and they all think it's quite eerie looking as well.

"I don't really believe in UFOs or anything like that but from the video it looks like there is certainly something up there."