A PET-LOVER threw a champagne reception and party for her cat - to celebrate its 21st birthday.

June Suttie held the lavish bash in honour of feline Jill to mark the milestone, which is around 100 in cat years.

Guests sipped on glasses of bubbly before singing happy birthday to the chocolate Burmese guest of honour at the Chartroom Restaurant at Kip Marina.

And afterwards, Jill recovered from the excitement by popping home for a cat-nap.

June said: “She came home and slept for hours - she is used to a quiet life and must have wondered what all the fuss was for.

“We all had a wonderful day. She will never be 21 again - it’s a one-off.

“My vet said it’s unusual for a cat to live this long. Who would have thought she would have lived to be 21?” Chartroom manager Kevin Blamire said: “It is definitely the most unusual function we have hosted.

“We all thought it was very touching that June would organise a champagne reception and four-course lunch for friends and family to celebrate the birthday of her cat.” Jill, who was safely in her cat carrier during the party, seemed to enjoy the occasion, said Kevin.

He added: “We bent the rules slightly because the only animals we normally allow on the premises are guide dogs.

“But we thought we it would be churlish not to allow the guest of honour to the party.She wasn’t there all day - she left early for a cat nap.

“But when she left she was grinning like a Cheshire so she obviously enjoyed the party.” June, who has dog kennels in Inverkip and runs the June Suttie School of Dance, invited 65 people to the unusual celebration.

Kevin said: “It is the type of function we would expect to organise for a golden wedding or for someone’s 50th birthday.

“It shows how much June loves her pet. After 21 years, the cat is like part of the family.” Guests who did not fancy birthday cake were offered a Kit Kat instead, while every lady was given a single stemmed rose on arrival.

Sisters Mia and Nadina Valenti also gave a short ballet recital at the celebration.