DINOSAURS are stalking the streets again - as they make a giant comeback in Greenock.

The prehistoric creatures are in town to take part in a special church service orchestrated by natural history buffs David Coleman and Zam Walker.

The husband and wife ministry team are organising Dinosaur Day in the Greenock West United Reformed Church to celebrate science.

Inspired by their 12-year-old son, who has a lifelong fascination with the Jurassic giants, animation filmmaker dad David even created a promotional clip posted on YouTube.

Reverend Zam Walker said: "Our son Taliesin just loves dinosaurs and I can understand why. He wants to be a palaeontologist. For wee boys they are the only real monsters. We wanted to celebrate dinosaurs and science." Greenock West United Reformed Church will go back in time to a prehistoric age - with an eight-foot inflatable tyrannosaurus rex as the main attraction.

They also hope to have some prehistoric objects and replicas on display throughout the day.

Dinosaur Sunday will start during the morning worship with presentations about faith and science.

In the evening there will be A Time of Wonder event where the ministers will use multimedia to celebrate the wonder of creation as revealed by science.

Both David and Zam want to show people that you can be a Christian and embrace science.

Reverend David Coleman said: "Darwin would have been welcome in our church.

"We want to show that there is no choice between science and Christianity.

"Science is the how and religion is the why." Both David and Zam have signed up to a US movement Clergy Letter Project to counter the creationists' arguments.

Ministers David Coleman and Zam Walker are inviting people to come along to their Sunday morning worship at 11am on 13 February, followed by an evening worship, A Time of Wonder, at 6.30pm.