INVERCLYDE Licensing Board is set to stage a crackdown on drinking at events attended by young people.

The board's new chairman warned today that tougher policies could be introduced to stop alcohol causing problems at weddings, concerts or award ceremonies, for example.

Independent Councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld told the Telegraph that a 'very close look' is being taken at the issue.

He said he had discussed the situation with the police, and added that the board's alcohol policies could be tightenened up as a result.

Councillor Ahlfeld said: "I'm aware of the difficulties locally involving the misuse of alcohol and the negative influences alcohol can have socially and with young people.

"The board has asked me to give particular attention to the provision of alcohol at events involving young people.

"Consequently, it's my intention to seek guidance and advice from a range of agencies and report back to the board with recommendations.

"I've met already with senior police representatives and discussed a range of related subjects to hopefully agree on areas of common ground.

"The board policies on alcohol provision will be closely scrutinised and amended as necessary." Elected unanimously by board members to succeed Councillor David Wilson, who becomes vice-chair, Councillor Ahlfeld has been a member of the board for the past five years.

He said he was 'delighted' to accept the members' nomination to chair the board, and hopes to work closely with Inverclyde Alcohol Forum and other agencies in his new role.