A PAIR of Greenock actors are starring in a special Scottish version of cult classic Reservoir Dogs.

Dave McClure and Jim Sweeney feature in the short movie — aptly titled Reservoir Dugs.

Scottish director Colin Smith is the brains behind the fun idea, a 21st birthday tribute to the smash-hit move which took the big screen by storm back in 1992.

Director Colin Smith is a huge fan of the film and thought it would be fun to see what it would have been like if shot in Scotland on a low budget.

He got a team of actors together to recreate the iconic opening scene, shooting it in a Glasgow cafe during the summer heatwave, and peppering the dialogue with Scottish words.

Veteran actor Dave, 71 — who was a screen double for Mark McManus in Taggart and appeared in High Road and Rab C Nesbitt — plays Mr Blue.

He said: “I like Quentin Tarantino — I like his style of writing, the plots and characters.

“Although his work can be very violent, it’s very good cinema.” Jim, 59, who has appeared in Ken Loach’s film The Angels’ Share and The Wee Man with Greenock star Martin Compston, said: “I’m a huge fan of the film — this is the Scottish version.

“It was a bit of fun and a chance to pay tribute to a great piece of film-making.” Colin added: “The hope is that ultimately the people of Scotland and the world can enjoy watching a Scottish version of Reservoir Dogs and that with the popularity of the original film, our scene will open up a gateway to people outside of Britain to the Scots a bit more.

“Every dug has its day!” The film can be seen online at www.reservoirdugs.co.uk/