POLICE in Inverclyde have recorded a 2,000 PER CENT increase in drug seizures in just a year, the Telegraph can reveal today.

A massive 34 kilos of cannabis resin — with a potential value of around £150,000 — was taken off local streets last year.

The figure compares with 1.7 kilos of the drug being confiscated during 2012.

Other hauls landed by police during 2013 include nearly 13,000 illicit tablets, plus Class A narcotics crack cocaine, ecstasy and heroin.

Nearly 40 kilos of illegal substances were obtained by officers during stop searches and other drugs busts across the district.

Some of the most significant swoops of 2013 saw 12,929 diazepam and other pills being confiscated, as well as the large amount of cannabis resin.

Separate recoveries of 83 cannabis plants, worth more than £30,000, were also made, as well as smaller amounts of MDMA, ecstasy, black market methadone and temazepam.

Inspector Clare McGuckien said that drugs operations within Inverclyde are a ‘top priority’ for her.

She said: “My officers will continue to target this blight on our communities and the misery it causes, which has been highlighted recently in the press. These drugs are dangerous, there is no quality control in their manufacture.” Inspector McGuckien added: “I would encourage any member of the public who knows of any illegal activity regarding the sale or supply of controlled or unclassified drugs to contact the police.” The figures were obtained by the Telegraph under Freedom of Information laws from Police Scotland.

The data covers the period 1 January until 30 November 2013.

Quantities of so-called ‘date rape’ drug Rohypnol and herbal cannabis were also seized by police during the year. Police have recorded a number of successes in recent months as they step up the war against dealers.

Class A substances worth an estimated £700,000 were recovered in February last year during a high profile swoop at Larkfield Industrial Estate.

The figures follow on from significant seizures during 2011, when drugs worth around £530,000 were recovered.

This included a huge haul of heroin with a street value of around £325,000 after a police swoop at a flat in Greenock town centre and the discovery of a cannabis factory in Port Glasgow’s Robert Street.

The full breakdown of drugs recovered in 2013 includes: crack cocaine (0.0019 kilos, up 0.0015 kilos from 2012 figures); cocaine (0.22 kilos, down 1 kilo); heroin (0.29 kilos, up 0.20 kilos); methadone (298ml, up 230ml); ecstasy (311 tablets, up by 234); cannabis (83 plants, down by 28); herbal cannabis (3.8 kilos, up 1.7 kilos); herbal cannabis (145 reefers, up by 113); cannabis resin (34 kilos, up 32.3 kilos); cannabis resin (177 reefers, up by 142); amphetamine (0.10 kilos); temazepam (24 capsules, up 2); diazepam/nitrazepam/rohypnol (12,929 tablets, down 33,170); substituted piperazines (1 tablet, down 221).

Anyone with any information about drug dealers can contact Greenock police on the non emergency 101 number.

They can also ring Crimestoppers confidentially on 0800 555 111.