Ward representative Innes Nelson wanted the new modern facility — between the bowling club and nearby Sainsbury’s store just off the main road — to be put on hold over concerns about the flat roof proposed for the building.

He made the call during a planning board meeting where the project was being recommended for approval by council officials.

Mr Nelson raised questions about the suitability of a flat roof in a location where there is a lot of rain.

He also claimed the design of the building would have a negative effect on the character of the village, which is a conservation area, adding that it was ‘unsympathetic’ to its historical surroundings.

Mr Nelson also raised fears about the size of the library within the new-build.

The plans were eventually approved after a vote of 8-2 in favour — with Mr Nelson only backed by his SNP colleague Math Campbell-Sturgess.

Board member Gerry Dorrian — who is in favour of the facility — launched a stinging attack on Councillor Nelson for attempting to halt the project at the eleventh hour.

He claimed Mr Nelson was well aware of the detailed plans.

During a heated exchange, Councillor Dorrian told the meeting: “He’s got a bit of a cheek on him.

“His attendance at the scale meetings could only be described as unfortunate.

“Never at any of those meetings has he brought it up.” He added: “I’m somewhat dismayed by Councillor Nelson.” Mr Nelson denied the claims and insisted he had attended meetings and raised the issues with council officials.

He also said the community should have been offered up to six designs for the centre but were instead given one and told to ‘take it or leave it’.

Councillor Nelson said: “Nobody has fought longer for a facility in Inverkip from the community council when I was chair many years ago.

“I really, really want to see something heartening for Inverkip.

“However, what’s being proposed — I don’t like the design. One of the main reasons is the flat roof.

“Given Scottish weather I do not see this as a good design.” But Mr Dorrian said: “What’s on offer is what’s available for the money.” Board chair David Wilson also highlighted that there were no objections from any professional bodies or the public about the application.

He added: “People have had the opportunity to contribute that to the report. I welcome what we’re seeing.” The plans include a new community centre, all-weather pitch, a community green, exterior event space and a 24-space car park.

Work is expected to start soon.